Trade System

Here at the Book Exchange we have a Trade in Program. We encourage everyone to bring in their used books that they no longer have an interest in. For every book you bring in, you can get a book at the trade-in price!  
This way we can get books off  the shelves and into the hands of you, the reader. 

We love Trade Ins and Donations!

Trade In's

Bring your trade-ins to the front counter and an associate will add your books your existing account or if this is your first time they will create your account. All books are elligable for trade-in dicount credits, regardless of genre. All books are elligable for the discount credits.


We buy Books, Video Games, Vinyl, and more. Bring in your items to the front counter and let us know you would like to sell and we will evaluate the items for cash value or in store credit. Below is a list of books we are most likely to buy.


Need more space? The Book Exchange makes it easy. Bring in your donations, drop them off, and you're done! Donations are not tax deductable but they are greatly appreciated!


Normal Pricing:                Trade In Pricing:

Hardbacks: $3.99                                   Hardbacks: $2.99

Paperbacks: $3.99                                 Paperbacks: $2.99

Mass Market Paperbacks: $2.99           Mass Market Paperbacks: $1.99

Current Release HB: $4.99                    Current Release HB: $3.99

Current Release PB: $4.99                    Current Release PB: $3.99

Current Release MMPB: $3.99              Current Release MMPB: $2.99